Rotherham rape abuse services has been rewarded covid reserve funding from council 

by | Nov 27, 2023

Image: Sammy Woodhouse

Sammy Woodhouse (pictured) has spoken in support of £170,000 of covid reserves from Rotherham Council going towards Rotherham Abuse counselling service.

The decision that was made on Monday aims to address a cut in funding from the charity after losing out on a Ministry of Justice grant.

Sammy Woodhouse, 38, who has started a campaign to support rape victims said: “It’s a good move by the Council, I’ve been advocating for years about the lack of funding and now we are getting some which is a step in the right direction for the community.”

Her campaign, which started in 2018, aims to strip parental rights to the families born with rapists and has received over 500,000 signatures.

She further added: “I will continue to work towards changing the law and I hope my voice and my story will inspire other people who have gone through similar trauma. 

“My goal is to get my campaign through parliament.”

The charity which offers free specialist counselling to individuals aged 13 and above faced potential cuts earlier this year due to the funding gap.

Council Leader Chris Read said: “The government’s policy of making areas compete against each other for this sort of funding saw grants given to all our neighbouring authorities here in South Yorkshire during the summer while Rotherham again lost out.”

This year has seen the Rotherham Charity serve over 1203 residential homes in the community as part of their services that they offer.

The organisation has also conducted 860 assessments and 2,787 counselling sessions during this period, with 80% of clients reporting improved mental health and wellbeing. 

The funding will enable the charity to sustain and potentially expand its vital services in the ongoing effort to support survivors of abuse in the community.