‘Rotherham Gary’ reaches milestone spreading Twitter joy for Mental Health Awareness

by | Oct 17, 2023

Image: Gary Hellemen and his mom

Retired gardener turned ‘agony aunt’ celebrates his fourth year spreading motivational morning tweets to raise awareness for mental health. 

Gary Hellemen, 60, has been posting a ‘Good Morning Rotherham’ every day of the week from his home in East Dene since 2019. 

Mr Hellemen said: “I have got lived experience of mental health problems and I think looking after mental health is important.” 

Mr Hellemen’s following began to climb after he posted about the passing of his mother, May, on 28 September 2023. 

“When I lost my mum, I had around 300 followers. The next day, after tweeting about it, I had gained a lot more and had almost 1200 likes on the post. 

“It’s my way of putting a bit of cheer on people’s lives in the morning and obviously other people enjoy it too.”

His motivational tweets to Rotherham include wishing the residents a ‘Marvellous Monday’ or a ‘Wonderful Wednesday’.

In his spare time, Hellemen volunteers as a lived experience researcher at local schools and Universities. He also frequently responds to twitter DM’s. 

“It gives me a sense of happiness. I don’t want people to suffer in silence. I try to help people, tell them to take care and look after themselves. I was like an agony aunt at first, but it’s a brilliant help.”