Drug litter reports in Rotherham are on the rise

by | Nov 10, 2023

Image: Powder drugs on the floor

Rotherham town centre has become the area with the highest number of drug litter incidents reported, the Rotherham Reveal has found.

A month after a mother’s ‘disgusting toilet’ Tik Tok video went viral, statistics from the council found that Rotherham has the highest number of drug litter reports.

Drug litter refers to any tools that is used to help take drugs, including needles or syringes.

In the following graph, the Council revealed how many members of the public found needles or syringes ‘in the streets’ of Rotherham and reported it.

A spike happened in 2019, a year prior to the beginning of the pandemic, with 113 calls made from residents finding needles or syringes out in the streets. 

Three years later, the report incidents hit an all time low only to increase once more in 2023 with 77 reports.

In 2017, Eastwood was the area with the highest number of reports (10) compared to the remaining nearby areas that had an average of two.

A year later, Swinton ‘took the crown’ with 9 reports compared to the average of two of its neighbours. 

After that, the remaining years leading up to 2023 had high numbers of reports all coming from Rotherham town centre with the highest one reached in 2020 at 19, followed by 2023 at 15. 

Rotherham Reveal also inquired on any recorded incidents that involved someone being injured from drug litter, the council stated that they aren’t responsible for that. 

Rotherham Borough Council said: “The Council deals with the cleansing, removal and disposal.”

For more information about Rotherham disposal drug litter services, please refer to their website: https://www.rotherham.gov.uk/rubbish-recycling/sharps-medical-waste