How to add an Instagram feed to your website

How to add an Instagram feed to your website

To embed your Instagram account on your web page, you will need to use Meta for Developers to generate an Access Token, which effectively authorises an external website to display your content. First of all, create an account at

How to embed a TikTok account on your page

On TikTok, open the page / account which you wish to embed. Click "Share" followed by "Embed" In the next window, copy the Embed code. In the page where you want the TikTok feed to appear, add a new Code Module. Paste the Embed code from TikTok into the text box. Once...

Google Pinpoint

Google Pinpoint is a research tool for journalists and academics to explore and analyse large collections of documents, including audio, video and hand written notes. Pinpoint automatically applies a number of filters, allowing you to filter collections by People,...