Rotherham flood victims have been given new grants from the Council

by | Dec 6, 2023

Image: Neighbourhood in Rotherham

Households affected by the recent floods have been given an initial sum of £170k in grants by Rotherham City Council.

The funds currently have been distributed to 167 households, providing £1,000 each. 

Karl Smalley, 51, tradesman, who has been supporting families across Catcliffe with temporary accommodation said: “I think the council have a duty of care to the community to make sure that they step in and do everything they can to help families in need.

“I don’t think the money is enough considering the damage the floods have caused to the houses, but I do understand the council budget is very tight and they’re doing the best they can — it is also a step in the right direction.”

The allocation of the grant consists of a £350 council grant, a £150 grant from the council’s contribution to the South Yorkshire Community Foundation appeal and a £500 government grant.

The council have obtained bank details from council tax records in order to identify the households who are eligible for the grant.

However, the council are actively reaching out to the families whose bank records are not available to ensure they do not miss out on the grant.

Mr Smalley said: “What most people don’t realise in their house insurance is they have a clause in there for instances where their properties are damaged by water or fire and the insurance company can cover the cost. 

“For most families they would rather be in a static caravan in their back garden than having to move into a BnB or a hotel, which is much more expensive in the long run, whereas having a caravan you don’t have to necessarily think about travelling costs. You just need space somewhere outside your house and that’s it.’’

Rotherham Council Leader, Chris Read, witnessed the severe impact of Storm Babet on homes in Catcliffe. 

He expressed concerns for affected residents, and highlighted the hope that the allocated funding would offer immediate financial relief to those facing hardship due to the flooding. 

Councillor Chris Read further added: “Over the last three weeks since the storm hit, causing damage to around 180 homes, we have had a fifth of our workforce out in the worst hit areas supporting our residents in the aftermath.”