Urban explorer looks back over 1 year of exploring abandoned buildings in Rotherham

by | Dec 1, 2023

Image: Dave Myers on top of a roof building

A Rotherham urban explorer celebrates their first year of exploring deserted sites and building an online community through sharing their findings online. 

Dave Myers, who is also known as Rotherham Urbex with Dave, has been exploring derelict buildings across Yorkshire, which he shares to his Facebook, Youtube and TikTok accounts.

Mr Myers said: “I started doing urban exploring around November last year.

“I was previously doing paranormal events but it is not cheap, so I started watching Youtube videos with abandoned places in Yorkshire which inspired me to start my own page and since then I have built up an online community of over 1000 followers.”

The sites he explores vary from what is known in the Urbex community as a ‘time capsule’, which Mr Myers describes looks like ‘everything is left behind and it’s like picturing the history as how the occupants lived’, to iconic sites like his first exploration in Rotherham, Millmoor football club. 

Mr Myers added: “My first exploration in Rotherham was Millmoor, the old Rotherham ground, which makes sense as I am a Rotherham fan.”

The space, that was last used 8 years ago, was previously the home ground to Rotherham United for 83 years until, according to the Sun, talks with the owner Ken Booth broke down, forcing the club to leave. 

Images: The football ground from Dave

Another well-known site Mr Myers has explored is the abandoned bus depot on Midland Road. The depot, which was first built in 1980, was closed in 2016 due to the depot being too large for its ‘operational needs’. 

Images: The bus depot from Dave

Whilst Mr Myers will continue to explore he warns his viewers: “Please do not attempt to try anything you see in the videos, some buildings can be dangerous to your health.”