Rotherham celebrates Halloween through Gulliver’s ‘fright fiesta’

by | Nov 1, 2023

Image: Fright Fiesta entrance taken by Rotherham Reveal

Families from Rotherham faced their fears over Halloween celebrations at The Gulliver’s world theme park. 

The theme park hosted a Halloween themed ‘Fright Fiesta’ for the town across October with their slogan to visitors ‘no siesta, lets fiesta’.  

Lenard Smythe, a visitor from Clifton, said: “Ever since the park opened, coming here for Halloween has become like an annual tradition.”

The highlights of this ‘spooktacular’ event included exploration of the monster mansion, facing your fears with unknown creatures, meeting long lost cartoon characters Bing and Flop and participating in Gilly’s Spooky dance party. 

The park set up a live event with their ‘horrifying’ creatures which included 140 Madagascar hissing cockroaches and a baby African snail called Jeffrey.

Image: Jeffrey the baby African snail

Hayley Hector, one of the creature carers at the park said: “At the park we try to make sure that everyone who visits feels included because honestly theme parks aren’t just for children.”

Gulliver’s also has a specific ‘mini farms’ themed location where they habitat domestic animals and other creatures. 

In Halloween spirit, the park put up a pumpkin market where people could pick up their own pumpkins with several other Halloween decorations and costumes. 

Image: Gulliver’s pumpkin market

Due to the bad weather during the day unfortunately some of these attractions didn’t have the impact the park wanted.

Sarah Hummings, a worker at the pumpkin market, said: “We had put up so many selfie points which look lovely but people can’t use them because of the muddy path.” 

The event which ran from 7 October till 31 October has now finished.