Catcliffe floods: efforts underway to clear water

by | Oct 23, 2023

Image: Pumping operations taking place in Catcliffe

Extreme flooding over the weekend caused residents to evacuate their homes, with around 120 homes flooded. 

Catcliffe’s water levels still remain high but are being monitored by the Environment Agency, who say that the conditions are currently stable. 

Speaking in a video on X yesterday, Rotherham Councillor Chris Read said: “A significant number of people are still out of their homes. 

“We’re working with our partners in the Environment Agency and hopefully there’ll be pumps on site this evening bringing the water levels down further.”

Rotherham Council have been ‘working flat out to clean up the area so people can safely return’. So far, Mappins Way and Poplar Road have been cleared of mud and silt. 

Pumping operations are continuing today (23 October) in the Catcliffe and Treeton area and the Environment Agency has advised the public to avoid walking or driving through flood water. 

Rotherham’s flood warnings have fallen to just one over the weekend, with low risk of flooding from the River Rother at Catcliffe and Treeton.

Heavy rain has also caused electrical faults at Flanderwell Lane, Bramley and motorists are encouraged to find alternative routes due to temporary traffic lights on Main Street and Brook Lane.

South Yorkshire Police were on site to help the flooding.