All you need to know about the new housing developments across Rotherham 

by | Oct 22, 2023

Image: Rotherham town hall building taken by Rotherham Reveal

Rotherham’s latest housing project seeks to bridge the gap in the housing market and create more affordable properties within the Borough, according to cabinet ministers.

In a detailed report published by the Council, the housing project is broken down into two  housing developments situated in different parts of Rotherham.

Each development aims to support different families according to their needs. 

Eastwood Housing Developments 

The neighbourhood consists of more than 300 council homes within the area including bungalows, apartments and family housing. 

A data report published by the Census highlights a growing problem of overcrowding in housing as 218 homes have one fewer bedroom than required and 64 have two fewer bedrooms than required.

Councillor Sarah Allen said: “The need for this mix of properties has been consulted and thought to be most appropriate and ward members have been consulted to make sure that the proposal is right for the area.”

As a result of the demand and the proposal made by the Cabinet, Eastwoods housing developments will be split into two areas ‘Netherfield Court’ and ‘York Road’.

Netherfield Court is predicted to deliver 14 three bed houses and five four bed houses and York Road is predicted to deliver two two bed houses, six three bed houses and four two bed apartments.

Councillor Allen added: “This is a definite intention to build a larger houses to accommodate larger families.”

In total Eastwood will be projecting a total of 31 new council homes using the Housing Revenue Account known as ‘HRA’. The report suggests that the average cost per unit will be in the region of £255,000.

Maltby Sites Housing Development

Maltby extends across two wards, Hellaby and Maltby West and Maltby East, totalling over 800 council homes according to the report. 

The report suggests a local demand for family accommodation especially for those with larger families. 

The plan for Maltby also suggests, according to Councillor Allen, ‘a preference for new housing developments for smaller affordable housing’.

Given the current demand in the area, the proposal for two sites at Addison Road and Larch Road is focused on meeting the delivery of new specialised accommodation.

Addison Road is predicted to deliver four wheelchair user dwelling houses*, four two bed houses, 13 four bed houses and six two bed apartments.

*Wheelchair user dwelling sometimes referred to as a “Category M4(3) Wheelchair User Dwelling”” of s a type of housing designed to meet the specific needs of individuals who use wheelchairs or have mobility impairments.

Larch Road is predicted to deliver ten two bed apartments and six two bed houses.

The specialised accommodation predicted to be constructed on Addison Road is to achieve the Disabled Persons Unit regulations.

The design offers versatility to cater to households with one or more individuals requiring special needs.

To meet the council’s aims of a net zero carbon emission all council homes will be designed with the government’s future homes standard which means they will be future-proofed with low carbon heating and high levels of thermal efficiency.

Similarly to the Eastwood housing project, the housing revenue project will be funding the 43 new council homes in Maltby site with the predicted cost for each unit in the region of £255,000. 

When do the Projects Begin?

In order to fasten the process of the application the report published by the council will be aligned with the planning application.

No decision has yet been made but the cabinet anticipates spring 2024 for the project to begin.  

Buyers will be able to begin the buying process by the end of this calendar year. 

The report also predicts the completion of Maltby site and the Eastwood projections to be Spring 2026.