Rotherham artist celebrates 35 years of Black History Month with healing art

by | Oct 20, 2023

Image: Mr Oguru painting one of his art pieces

In the first Rotherham based Black History month celebration, a Nigerian-born artist has showcased his work in a hope to inspire the city.

Bernard Oguru, 40, artist, said: “The details on the woman’s earrings and her vibrant colours illustrate what Africa is about and I wanted to express that through my painting.

“I also believe my drawings are a healer of our past and it is also a way of showing black struggles.”

Image of Mr Oguru’s artwork

He defines Black History Month as a ‘recognition of black excellence as well as promoting black contributors within the UK’.                                                   

Mr Oguru is part of the Society Of Nigerian artists and believes his work symbolises the beauty of African culture.

His work incorporates realism as well as native textiles in portraits which results in his work promoting African culture and values.

This National event seeks to increase awareness and appreciation for the contribution of people of Africa and Caribbean descent.

The first Black History Month celebration took place back in 1987 and this year marks 35 years of celebration.

Mr Oguru’s passion for art began in his home town Nigeria where many forms of his pieces are influenced by Pablo Picasso’s cubism. 

The various pieces of artwork that will be shown during the exhibition are a fusion of different elements that form an identity. 

Mr Oguru said: “Each piece of his work has a unique story behind it. They each address important issues in Africa and they also reveal my connected roots in Nigeria.

“The paintings are a window to showcase the world what we have been through.”