Four 20-year-old women have been subjected to a range of serious break-ins and harassment in Crookesmoor, Sheffield.

The young women live in the popular student area of the city and have reported four separate incidents over the course of a month.

On one occasion, the perpetrator put a brick through the girl’s window and on another he shouted abuse outside their window at night.

Student Jasmin Hans, who lives at the house, said: “It was 5, 6 am and I woke up to a flashlight through my window. He put his whole hand through my window and kept it there.

“You shouldn’t have to think about it – leaving your window open shouldn’t be an invite to come into someone’s window and terrify them.”

The group contacted their letting agents, Thornsett Properties, but felt there was no real urgency when they raised security concerns.

Miss Hans recalled telling them: “I can’t stress to you how unsettling it is to have half a man’s body through your window.

“Everybody is feeling unsafe, everyone is feeling unsettled. We had people in the flat above waking up at 5 am to see if they could see anyone.”

South Yorkshire Police reported 20,527 stalking offences in the year March 2022 – 2023.

In Yorkshire and the Humber, 3.5% of men have been stalked, and 6.5% of women.

The group contacted South Yorkshire Police who sent crime scene investigators and offered advice on installing tighter security. However, the investigation was dropped after no suspect was identified.

National Office of Statistics released this graph, indicating levels of reported harassment in the UK.

Housemate, Hannah Bromiley, said: “We told them ( Thornsett Properties ) that we’re four girls who live in this house and they said ‘oh it doesn’t matter.’’

Miss Hans added: “It absolutely does matter, there’s a huge difference in having a girl’s house and a boy’s house, we are more at risk and more vulnerable to sexual harassment.”

The girl’s landlord did offer to install a security camera but explained that it would come at an extra cost.

Miss Hans said: ‘ It’s not even for our security, it’s for the property. It’s greedy, stop trying to make a profit from a situation that we’re vulnerable in.’’

Miss Bromiley said: “I remember speaking to some boys about it and they were like, yeah imagine getting burgled or something. That is not what crossed my mind. Take my Macbook, take my fucking phone; it’s being sexually harassed.

“I just wanted to say to the landlords, if this was your kids, would you want them to live in these circumstances?”

Thornsett Properties said in a statement: “We took the concerns seriously and after a very quick exchange of emails, a site meeting was arranged.

“Clear communication was provided efficiently to the tenant’s satisfaction and I believe that we were able to take this prompt action as property owners, not managing agents, who may need authorisation from the landlord before acting.”

The students now have security lights, CCTV, and latches on windows.

 Ruby Smart, 29, Head of Communications for charity organisation Neighbourhood Watch said: 

‘’I think I would say as local resources come under strain, you will see an increase in crimes, and anti-social behaviour, we can see that now.’’

“A healthy, happy and thriving community tends to have lower crime levels. For us, it’s really about supporting a community for life’’, Smart said.

South Yorkshire Police said in a statement: ”After exploring all available lines of enquiry, no suspects were identified and the investigation was filed pending any further investigative opportunities coming to light.’

”We have recently launched a new neighbourhood crime campaign to remind residents of easy and simple ways they can protect their property and personal possessions.”

”We have carried out specific targeted work around how students and young people can keep their belongings safe, and issued crime prevention advice, which can be found on our website –

”We have dedicated university officers who will be out and about doing leaflet drops in high student areas. If you see them and have any concerns, please talk to your local officers if you see them out and about. We are here to help.”

Anyone who faces harassment or even stalking can contact the National Stalking Helpline for advice.