source: Roundabout Facebook

A Sheffield woman is collecting used or unwanted consoles and games for the Roundabout project, a local youth’s housing charity, to help homeless teens here in Sheffield. 

The consoles are used for children in the hostels and enable them to have one each in their rooms and a library of games available.

Jayne Louise, the organizer of consoles donation, said: “The consoles are provided to each child who is in a supported living home, they have a library of games they can choose from and this helps them feel like other teens out there who have access to these consoles. 

“The biggest challenge is actually getting the donations in. These are high-value items and some people need to sell them to raise funds and others don’t for whatever reason want to donate them, or can’t.” 

In the previous years, they collected a total of around 50 consoles in total and around 200 games.

Jayne said: “This year so far we have two consoles and a handful of games, so donations are at an all-time low,”  

“When the children leave for their own accommodation at the age of 18 they can take the console with them. This means they need a constant supply of consoles and games,”  she added. 

Wiis are no longer needed due to enough stock of these. Xbox, PlayStations, or any model console and games are appreciated. 

Anyone in a position wishing to donate unwanted consoles or games to support homeless teens, contact S12 Community Pantry