A series of posters have been seen in Leeds city centre this week, advertising ‘crack and heroin authorised zones.’

Residents have seen many of the posters put up in the centre of the city, with West Yorkshire Police and Leeds Council logos.

In a Press statement, West Yorkshire Police said: “We are aware of fake posters that have been illegally posted at locations in and around Leeds city centre and are making further enquiries.”

Meanwhile, in the city, more people are accessing support for their drinking or drug use.

James Barrie, service manager at addiction charity ‘Forward Leeds’, said: “More people since the pandemic have been needing support regarding alcohol use. Alcohol was used as a sort of way of alleviating boredom and coping with the situation.

“At the moment we are supporting about 3500 adults and young people just within our one treatment service in Leeds. It’s a lot a lot of people. We know there is a real need out there and we’ve got really knowledgeable and experienced staff who can offer that support.”

If you or someone you know needs support with addiction, you can find helpful information on ‘Forward Leeds‘ website or contact their helpline on 0113 887 2477.

For other areas in Yorkshire, an addiction helpline can be contacted on 0203 553 0324.