With the mission of welcoming all regardless of financial means, this Sheffield charity café continues to rely on the generosity of the public.

The Foundation Cafe Sheffield is largely run by volunteers, located at The Hope Centre near Hyde Park flats.

The café encourages visitors to make any donation they desire for what they have consumed, with the aim of serving and supporting people living in our immediate community.

Colin Davies, the owner of the Foundation Cafe, said: “We are located in one of the most disadvantaged areas of the UK and felt that the best way to engage our community as a café was to run it in a charitable way in order for us to ensure it does not exclude people based on their financial means.

“Everything we provide is presented on a recommended minimum donation basis meaning that there is no stipulation for people to pay.”

They serve a local brand of coffee produced by Forge Coffee Roasters, which is an independent company that has worked with the café for many years.

Mr Davies said: “Our unique selling proposition in this sense is that we are not cutting corners on quality. We believe in honouring and valuing people by giving them the best we can give them.

”If that costs us a little but makes people know they are valued then that’s what matters to us.”

Foundation Café has been challenged with financial sustainability, balancing the need to pay bills and staff salaries while fulfilling the desire to create an accessible warm space.

The Café encourages anyone, whoever they are to come, relax and chat with people.

If you wish to support the Foundation Café, please visit their location on Bernard Road S2 5BQ.