Following on from the release of their second EP “Is It Happening Now?” Sheffield-based ensemble Malah Palinka has been on a run of successful shows. 

Headlining established Steel City Venue Corporation and London grassroots hub The Jago, guitarist George Brazil, 29, spoke about how the band got here, and their plans for the future.

Brazil said: “We’re very proud to be a Sheffield band – most of us studied at University here and moved from other places, sticking around because we love the city. 

“The city has a warm welcoming feeling, and that makes it way easier to promote what you’re working on because people are generally supportive of one another.”

The eight-piece blend of jazz, funk, and neo-soul, are still developing their unique style.

“We absolutely love blending our influences, as it’s a big band with a lot of ideas. 

“I think the modern funk and jazz resurgence through Snarky Puppy, Vulfpeck, Hiatus Kaitote, etc has been a massive part of it. 

“It’s an ongoing process to try and find where we fit into that jazz and funk space, as we’re a bit too pop for some hipper shows, and perhaps too jazzy for others!”

The band’s trademark vocals cut through their multi-layered arrangement and Brazil attributes their success in large part to their songwriting.

“Our singer Evie is an absolute diva on stage – I’ve genuinely never met someone with such a detailed grasp of the English language. 

“Whenever we track songs I always find time to sit and read the lyrics because they’re mesmerising – she’s a Creative English grad so it makes sense.”

Looking ahead, Malah are keen to break further into the North and festivals, with their sights set on big cities such as Manchester and Leeds, and keep making music. 

“We want to really break into the festival scene next year too and broaden our horizons. 

“Beyond that, we’re hoping to generate enough money to fund an album, and hopefully hit the studio to record some live sessions too.”