Flat Moon, a psychedelic-funk band from Leeds have released a new single titled ‘Circus Promiscuous’.

Speaking for the five-member group, singer and guitarist Jacob Kendrew, 24, discussed what motivated the new single and how independent venues across Yorkshire have helped them develop.

Kendrew said: “Circus Promiscuous is a song created so you can feel like a badass b***h when you’re walking into town or driving around – it’s about the wave of energy you get when you find a bit of self-confidence, which is an energy we harness a lot for shows.

“Let’s be real, going out is kind of like a Circus Promiscuous, it’s chaotic but most people are just trying to get with someone.”

The single itself is heavy funk and “goes to town” explained Kendrew. 

Kendrew added that Flat Moon’s unique style is due to Leeds picking up the pace in producing excellent and new artists: “There’s a lot of fantastic genre-fusing going on, which is right up our alley.”

The band’s psychedelic-funk fusion has been met with a lot of praise in Yorkshire, especially Sheffield. 

“Sheffield is mad supportive every time we go there, they seem to love the psych-freak stuff in that city a lot, there’s probably a larger quantity of weirder stuff in the Sheff music scene than in Leeds.”

However, Kendrew expressed that unfortunately both Sheffield and Leeds local venues have their biases to “the incessant slew of mid-tier indie crap that dominates local venues, you know the stuff we mean, overhyped cool-boys playing misery in the form of insurance company jingles.”

On independent venues, Kendrew said: “Without independent venues, there would be nowhere for people to start. It’s as simple as that; independent venues nurture new artistic talent by allowing individuals to have a space to piece together their understanding of themselves in a creative and, most importantly, performative way.”

You can support Flat Moon via Instagram (@flatmoonband) and Spotify.