Harry Wright, 17, was one of the finalists for the York Young Hero ‘In The Face of Adversity’ award last weekend.

Tomorrow, the York student will be taking on the challenge of walking from Huddersfield to Poppleton, with the support of his friends, to raise money for Millie Wright Children’s charity.

The charity was set up after Harry’s younger sister Millie Wright lost her life to a rare immune system disorder in 2021.

Harry has now organised one of soon-to-be many fundraising events, which is to begin tomorrow (Wednesday 1st November).

He said: “If someone had just messaged me asking to do this, I would have said no. I’m exhausted now just thinking about it. But you just really want to do it when it’s something you care about.”

The journey is just under 15 hours of walking, from Huddersfield to Leeds General Hospital where Millie was treated, to then stay overnight in Collingham. The group will then finally arrive home to Poppleton, York.

For this event alone Harry Wright has managed to raise almost £700 for Millie Wright Children’s charity, which continues to address inequalities in charitable support for children with life-threatening non-cancerous conditions. 

Harry added: “My parents do a full-time job worth of charity work a week anyway, me now knowing I can do my own event myself hopefully if it works out tomorrow, means I can do more and more and more.

Harry Wright standing with his father and cousin

“It’s addictive, it really is addictive. I went to the hospital at Christmas and gave pizzas and a few presents to the kids and since then it’s like, knowing who your money is going to is addictive.

“I’d invite anyone who wants to get involved with the charity to come and see what it means to the kids when you see their faces light up and their parents just talk to you and talk to you. It makes it all worth it.”

The charity provides financial, practical and emotional support from diagnosis until it is no longer required.

Harry also shared his advice for those wanting to start fundraising for a local cause.

He said: “Start off small, ask to volunteer, ask to work on a stall and then see what it means to people. Then go bigger, and email people. People want to help.”

“My parents did all this by just not being afraid to ask. Anyone wants to help out however little they can. You can do things for them as well, you can help each other and then we’re all happy.”

The group will set off for Huddersfield at 6:15 AM tomorrow morning and we will be following their journey with updates.

Fundraiser by Harry Wright: Walking for charity (gofundme.com)


Harry Wright has finished his walk this afternoon ( 2nd November) raising over £1500.