To prevent dog attacks this Halloween and bonfire night, police are encouraging dog owners to follow their safety recommendations.

It is known that dogs can become distressed around this time of year and it’s important that owners take responsibility to keep them calm. 

Things like parties, trick-or-treaters and fireworks can all make a dog uneasy and create high-risk behaviour if not managed properly.

PC Paul Jameson, from South Yorkshire Police, said: “You are more likely to be bitten or attacked by a familiar dog in your home. As much as dogs are a part of our family, don’t become complacent.

“There are simple things you can do to keep your dog calm and reduce the risk to your family and community.”

South Yorkshire Police advise keeping your dog in a quiet place with their favourite toys to prevent a reaction to the fireworks. 

They also recommend walking dogs in daylight hours, putting the radio on and closing windows and curtains. 

If you’re hosting a celebration, they suggest providing your dog with a quiet space and if you see them becoming anxious don’t hesitate to move them to this area. 

They also say to monitor how children are interacting with your pet and don’t allow any pulling, grabbing or sitting on the dog.

PC Jameson added: “For those trick or treating with small children, please remember not every dog is friendly.

“Talk to your child about approaching dogs while outside your home. Be aware of signs stating the property has a dog and consider whether there is a risk before going to knock.”

More information can be found on the South Yorkshire Police website.