Each year, Whitby Goth Weekend welcomes thousands of visitors from all over the UK to bask in the joy of goth culture and music.

The event was founded in 1994 by Jo Hampshire and has grown to become one of the world’s premier Goth events.

Renowned music journalist and author, John Robb, 62 is appearing at Whitby Pavilion this weekend, to speak about his new book ‘The Art of Darkness.’ 

Writing to us exclusively, he said: 

‘I’m looking forward to this weekend in Whitby, the perfect Goth town. In the autumnal Halloween mists and stormy seas of the perfectly goth seaside town, we will wind our way up the cobbles to the Abbey. I’m going to spend Saturday afternoon talking with the legendary Rosie Garland from the March Violets about my best-selling book.’

‘It’s going to be a cornucopia of dark energy.’

The Yorkshire seaside town is known for its connections with Dracula and Captain Hook.

Bram Stoker’s Dracula was set in Whitby when the author visited in 1890.

Rosalie Sheen, 24, who regularly joins Whitby goth weekend said :

‘For Goths, it’s a great opportunity to meet like-minded people and support small businesses at the goth market, especially for all those independent artists. For non-goth tourists, it’s not cosplay or Halloween costume.

‘It’s a passion for goth music and gothic fashion. It’s also a lifestyle.’

The festival (27th October-29th October) is free and dog-friendly each year.

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