South Yorkshire Police have put high-visibility officers on patrol in Catcliffe following devastating levels of flooding.

The officers are patrolling with the aim of keeping the community safe and supporting the police’s local partners.

There has already been a confirmed report of theft – £400 worth of valuables were taken from a car on Orgreave Road on October 24.

Chris Read, Rotherham Council Leader, said: “We welcome this commitment from the police to help address concerns we have heard from residents about the threat to property in the area.

“It’s quite understandable at the moment that residents are feeling worried about their properties, and of course, we all want to ensure that nothing makes this very difficult situation worse.”

Following the floodings, South Yorkshire Police are concerned that rumours circulating online about multiple thefts in the area are making the situation appear worse than it is.

Andy Wright, Rotherham Superintendent, said: “I want to reassure members of the public that, based on all the information we have, these rumours are simply not true and that following the floods, a high number of officers remain in the vicinity to provide support and advice.

“We have also responded to a small number of reports of intruder alarms being set off in the area.

“These have all been attended by officers and appear to be the result of electrical issues following the flood rather than any break-in.

“If you have any concerns at all, please do not hesitate to speak to our officers while they are out and about – they are there for you.”