Bus and tram fares are set to rise across South Yorkshire from Wednesday the 1st of November.

According to the South Yorkshire Mayoral Combined Authority, adult fares will remain in line with the national cap, which is set at £2.

Concessionary child single fares on buses and trams for holders of Zoom Under 16 and Zoom 16-18 Travel Passes will increase from 80p to £1.

The £2 fare cap on tram services in South Yorkshire will rise to £2.80 and last until 30 November 2024.

South Yorkshire has experienced a 50% reduction in local bus funding from the government.

South Yorkshire Mayor, Oliver Coppard, said: “I am not just sorry we are in this position, I’m angry. I’m angry that we have seen South Yorkshire’s bus services get a fraction of the funding given to other places across our country.

“I am doing everything I can to get the government to give us a fair funding deal because bus services are vital. Not just for our economy, or so we can see our families get to school or work, but as a means of allowing people to access opportunity wherever it might be.

“For the last forty years, we have seen services get worse across our region. As fewer people get the bus, and bus companies cut more services, we are forced to step in and pay for more and more services, and to stop some vital cheaper fares because the government have again cut the money for South Yorkshire’s buses.”