Dog attacks have risen by 22% in the UK since 2021 and the ban on electric collars by February has left professionals concerned. 

The recent publicity of violent dog attacks means many are now fearing these furry friends and struggling owners are desperate to tame their pets. 

The Electric Collar has been a valuable tool for dog training over the years but the government confirmed its legislation to ban the method in April last year. 

Ruth Specally, co-owner of the ‘YorkshireK9’ dog training company, said: “Some people don’t agree with the use of corrective methods but sometimes they’re needed if a dog ignores commands or is aggressive.

“When these tools are removed for us, aggressive behaviour and attacks will only increase.”

Ruth has been working with dogs for 20 years now and began her business back in 2021. She uses a balanced training approach, which combines positive reinforcement and corrective methods, such as the electric collar. 

She explained: “The recent surge in behavioural issues is from overbreeding during the covid lockdowns.

“It is an equal problem between genetics and people going off and doing their own training. Ideally, we want to do professional training at the puppy stage. That way it’s more preventative than correction.”

The new law means important businesses like Ruth’s could now struggle to tame badly behaved dogs. 

Many professional trainers have expressed their concern online but with talks of the XL Bully breed being banned earlier this month, it is unclear where the future lies. 

The YorkshireK9 believe that with the correct training, badly behaved dogs can be rehabilitated or put on a permanent management plan. 

If you are struggling with managing your dog’s behaviour, don’t hesitate to contact a local trainer. The YorkshireK9 are also providing free and professional advice on their Instagram and website. 

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