With the worsening bed bug epidemic in Paris and an increase of sightings in the UK, it is important we know how to stop the spread. 

The popular French capital has experienced a surge of insects and they are now being spotted in cinemas, metro trains and other public spaces. 

The pesky creatures are known for hitchhiking, which is causing panic across the UK as travellers are capable of bringing them back on the plane or Eurostar. 

Some have even taken to social media to show a sighting on the London Underground and councils have received a huge increase in concerned calls.

Although it is impossible to eradicate them completely, we can definitely protect ourselves and others by slowing the spread. Here’s how:

  • Avoid second-hand furniture

Bed bugs can hide in narrow cracks and are very hard to spot. It is challenging to identify infected furniture so it’s best to avoid anything second-hand, especially items found on the street.

  • Keep your space clean

It’s important to avoid clutter as the insects can fester without you noticing. Regular vacuuming and washing your bedding above 50 degrees will help prevent infestations. Also, avoid getting into bed with your outside clothes on.

  • Be careful when travelling 

Always inspect your sleeping area when you travel and avoid putting your bags and clothes on the floor or bed as the bugs can attach to your personal belongings. 

If you think you think you have bed bugs you can contact your local council or pest control service for support.