Messy seeks enlightenment for World Meditation Day

Today is World Meditation Day. Our least mindful team member, Joe, tasked himself with seeing if meditation lives up to the ‘hype’ in this instalment of the Messy Tries series!

The first instances of meditation can be traced back to Vedic texts (the documents which form the foundations of Hinduism), from roughly 1000 BC. No wonder then that meditation and prayer have long had a strong link with faith, religion and spirituality in general.

Today, the technique is used by many as a way reducing stress, organising thoughts and improving quality of life overall. It’s estimated that 275 million people regularly meditate world wide, with 8 million of those people being in the UK. The meditation industry is now valued at around $2 billion.

A 2004 study by Stanford University found that meditating can lead to a 30% decrease in stress-related symptoms that can lead to serious illness. Additionally, a Harvard study found that meditating regularly can be more impactful for reducing stress than going on holiday: “After 10 months, the vacationers’ stress levels returned to baseline, while the meditators’ reduced stress levels persisted.”

Furthermore, a 2015 study by researchers in Taiwan found that a mindfulness meditation course, lasting just a few months, could improve learning effectiveness, attention span and cognitive performance. The University of Groningen also found a link between remaining mindful and staying creative.

Apps with subscription services like Headspace and Ten Percent Happier are out there to guide people through a mindfulness experience. They can also help with improving attention span, amidst of a sea of apps which do the exact opposite. You can learn more about the link between meditation and attention spans here.

The link between meditation and improved mental health is becoming increasingly clear. So grab the nearest floor mat, find anywhere quiet, and give meditation a go.

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