Top ten TV: Find your new favourite show

I don’t care if TV rots your brain, I can’t get enough. Here as some of the best shows that you should be watching right now. but if you do fancy reading a book instead of watching a show, check out our choices here


Back and steamier than ever, Bridgerton is back for season 3. It is the ultimate cheesy romance show that is perfect to binge watch with a glass of wine. Nicola Coughlan (the wee lesbian from Derry Girls) and Luke Newton take centre stage in the news season, with Part 2 due out on June 13th.

  1. Baby Reindeer

Richard Gadd created and starred in the fictional retelling of his real-life stalking story. It’s an intense, gripping show with raw and compelling writing. Gadd’s performance is extremely powerful, and the fact that he is reliving his own experiences just adds another level to it. Fiona Harvey (the woman who allegedly stalked Richard Gadd) was recently interviewed by Piers Morgan and the only thing that I took away from it is that Jessica Gunning was the perfect casting choice.

Vanderpump Rules

Vanderpump Rules is basically part of the reality TV royal family. Starting in 2013, season one has recently come onto Netflix and seasons 1-11 are available on Hayu. While Scandoval may have brought it back to the top of all our fyps, the earlier seasons are just as Messy. From Kirsten cheating on Tom with Jax to Tequila Katie, this show really does have all the drama. 

Fall Out

Based on the popular video game, the Amazon Prime Original is an adaptation done right. An action series set in a post-apocalyptic world, this show gets you hooked. It has been renewed for a second season but fans will have to wait for 2026 for it to be released. Until then, the video game will have to do.

Dance Moms

Dance Moms is a show that makes me judge children’s dances while fully knowing I couldn’t come anywhere close to the level of skill they have. It started in 2011 but all seasons have just been put on Channel 4. Watching a dance teacher and her pupils’ mums have a screaming match really shouldn’t be this entertaining but Dance Moms manages to do it.

Under The Bridge

Under The Bridge is a new true crime mini series on Hulu based on the tragic murder of Reena Virk. It explores the worst parts of humanity and really can be hard to hard at times, but overall is an amazing show. Unlike other true crime shows that have a tendency to amp up the drama and exploit a real life story, Under The Bridge explores the ugly truth of bullying.

  1. Doctor Who

The newest season of Doctor Who stars Ncuti Gatwa as the new Doctor, taking over from icons like David Tenant and Matt Smith. The new season is undeniably fun, with musical numbers and the classic charm Doctor Who has managed to maintain throughout its run. The most recent episode, 73 Yards, left many of us staring at our screen for over an hour after it ended just trying to figure out what the hell that woman said to make everyone run away.

  1. Mary and George

A historical drama that brings together the talents of Julianne Moore and Nicholas Galitzine, it’s been a while since I’ve seen such a talented cast of actors. It’s a story of the rise of George Villiers, the lover of King James. It brings together everything you would want in a historical drama – intrigue, allure and scandal.

  1. Severance

This show has an average of 97% on Rotten Tomatoes and it’s easy to see why. It’s hard to imagine how a show set almost completely in an office can be so mind bending but I will admit this show constantly had me on the edge of my seat. With Severance coming back for season 2, I will have no choice but to watch.

  1. The Ashley Madison Affair

The Ashley Madison scandal is something we probably all remember. When the emails of the users of the infamous cheating dating site were leaked, everyone was watching. And everyone should be watching this Netflix docu-series too. A behind the scenes look at both the workers and the users of the site during the scandal almost manages to make you actually feel bad for cheaters, until you remember your ex-boyfriend.

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