10 questions with a musician in a band (David Silver from Defects)

It’s not uncommon to grow up with dreams of being on stage in some capacity, but what’s the reality like when you actually get there? 

David Silver is the Bassist for Defects, a metal band with a debut album set to release on 24th May this year.

1. How did you get into it?

   I’ve always loved music and got into playing an instrument by watching my friends’ bands rehearse at a local studio. I was fascinated by their energy and creativity. I started playing guitar not long after that and a friend introduced me to bass and taught me how to play it. From that moment, I started practicing daily and eventually writing my own songs. This passion grew over the years and set the foundation for my music career.

2. How many years have you been working in this job?

I’ve been doing music since I was 15 years old so 25 years now, but only in the last 10 years or so have I taken it more seriously and pursued it as a possible career path. 

3. What advice would you give to someone trying to get into the field?

   My advice would be to never stop learning and to always be open to new experiences. Network as much as possible and don’t be afraid to start small. Be persistent, as the music industry can be tough. Also let your passion be the driving force and enjoy the journey! 

4. What’s the best part of it?

   The best part is the people you get to meet through music. It’s incredible to hear everyone’s unique stories and learn what brings everyone together. Music creates a powerful sense of community, and the connections I’ve made with fellow musicians, fans, and industry professionals have been incredibly enriching. Sharing our experiences and passions makes the journey truly special.

5. What’s the worst part of it?

   The worst part can be the instability. The financial side can be challenging, especially keeping a balance between work, band and life commitments. It can also be tough dealing with the competitive nature of the industry. 

6. Most memorable day/event at work?

   The most memorable experience was during my first year with Defects. We landed a tour with In Flames, supported Bullet For My Valentine, and played at various festivals. It was like a dream come true. Being on the road with such renowned bands and performing at major festivals was surreal and incredibly inspiring. It marked a pivotal moment in my career, showing me the heights we could reach as a band. 

7. Have you always wanted to do it?

   Yes, I’ve always had a passion for music. I was fascinated by the way music could convey emotions and tell stories. It’s been a dream come true to turn that passion into a career.

8. Tell us about your first day at work?

   My first gig with my initial band, Knossos, was both hilarious and memorable. We were playing a local venue, and everything was going great until 20 seconds into our last song when one of my guitar strings broke. I kept playing like nothing had happened, determined to finish the set. I’m sure it must have sounded like absolute shit out front, but we powered through, and the audience’s enthusiasm didn’t waver. It was a lesson in staying composed and rolling with the punches, no matter what.

9. Worst mistake you’ve made on the job, and what did it teach you?

   The worst mistake I’ve made was during a live performance when I accidentally stepped on my tuner pedal, which cut all the sound from my guitar. I couldn’t figure out what was wrong for nearly an entire song. It was a frustrating experience, but it taught me the importance of being familiar with my gear and staying calm under pressure. Now, I double-check everything before going on stage and have a better understanding of troubleshooting on the fly.

10. How fulfilled are you with the job? Do you see yourself pivoting one day?

I love my job, and I’m excited to see where it takes me next. Music is my passion and lifelong dream, but through it, I also discovered a love for photography and videography. I now run my own media company, Horizons Edge Media, which I’m equally passionate about, with many exciting projects lined up. Balancing both my music and media careers is incredibly fulfilling, as I’m doing two jobs I absolutely love. I’m eager to explore all the creative opportunities ahead and see what the future holds. 

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