20 pieces of advice from 20 people in their 20’s

Our twenties are without a doubt a tumultuous age and sometimes, advice from our elders isn’t what we need to hear.

Talking about our feelings with each other and realising that we are in fact not alone in feeling a little bit lost as we enter adulthood can be comforting.

According to the 2024 World Happiness Report, Gen Z Brits are sadder than ever before and as a whole, our country is falling down the ranks of global happiness. We need to do something about it and one thing is to get talking.

Yes, nothing can compare to the wise words of the professionals, but sometimes nothing can cut quite as deep as hearing advice or anecdotes from someone who can understand and relate to you on that extra level.

So, without further a do, Messy’s very own Liv and Joe asked around and pieced together some words of wisdom from others who are in exactly the same situation as you.

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Young, dumb and divorced in your twenties

Young, dumb and divorced in your twenties

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