Top 10 body positive content creators to follow this summer

With bikini season on the horizon, what better time to fill our social media feeds with body positive content creators, encouraging us to embrace our bodies and feel confident in our skin.

We’re all way too familiar with the never ending scroll that seems to catch you off guard at any given moment. One minute you’re watching cute cat videos on your for you page, the next it’s the newest dance trend, and suddenly you’re inundated with gym workouts and ‘What I eat in a day’ from countless social media personalities. 

More often than not, these ‘picture perfect’ influencers may not look like you. And when you don’t feel represented, the natural thing to do is compare yourself. Why is her waist so much smaller than mine? Why are his biceps 4 times bigger than mine? Why don’t I look like that in swimwear?

And so begins the toxic cycle of trying to copy a lifestyle that is unattainable. Majority of these influencers who we can’t even escape don’t even look like the photos and videos that saturate our Instagram page. And even if they do – it’s not realistic for everybody to achieve those same ‘body goals’.

So, with summer approaching, and the inevitable skyrocket of bikini pictures and abs that are about to be displayed to us all, now feels like the perfect time to shed some light on other influencers you can follow, and will fill your feed with their realistic, normal and healthy bodies, which are definitely equally as beautiful and important. 

Carys Whittaker: @carys.whittaker

Based in Wales, Carys posts outfit inspiration videos almost daily to her 1.3 million followers on Instagram. She describes herself as a midsize influencer, and posts a wide range of outfits to flatter various body types. She offers many alternate ways to style outfits in the way that will compliment you best based on your body type, and overall has some really useful tips on how to boost confidence, not only in the clothes you wear, but to be proud of your body overall.

Maddi Cerasuolo: @_madswellness

Unlike your typical fitness influencer, Maddi posts more realistic fitness goals, such as ‘What I eat in a day as  a fit girl who doesn’t track her calories’ and encourages her followers to stop comparing themselves to others. Maddi also gives tips on how to feel confident in bikinis, after admitting this is something she struggled with herself. Her message is to enjoy food, appreciate your bodies and overall to stop comparing yourself to others – a very positive stance which we could do with seeing more on our feeds as summer approaches.

TJ Ngoma: @tjngoma

Based in Cape Town , TJ is a body activist and plus size model, who fills his instagram page with  inspirational quotes, alongside countless swimwear photoshoots, encouraging his 5,000 followers to feel confident in themselves. His account overall feels like a place of self-love, inner peace and overall just a place to put yourself first.

Izzy Nicholls: @isabelnichollsnall

Describing herself as a ‘body posi babe’, Izzy posts photos almost daily, championing herself and her followers to love their ‘beautiful bodies’. Some of her captions include ‘your belly looks cute in that outfit’ and ‘it’s a beautiful day to be you’. Izzy’s account is filled with fashion inspiration, and really does feel like a safe space.

Sophie Lait: @sophthickfitness

With over 220,000 followers on Instagram, Sophie uploads empowering messages on her account consistently, such as ‘cellulite is not ugly’, ‘arms are supposed to jiggle’ and ‘back rolls are beautiful’, just to name a few. Her account is very honest and raw, and frequently documents some of her bad days, making her account feel even more relatable.. With countless bikini uploads and ‘curvy body inspiration’, Sophie’s account almost serves as the older sister we never had, but definitely needed.

Jake Kneeshaw: @jakekneesh

Based in the UK, Jake is a fashion model who describes himself as a ‘body positive vegan’, and posts a wide range of content, from realistic gym routines, to how to style clothes and proving that ‘all bodies are summer bodies’. He encourages his 182,000 followers to wear their swimwear with confidence and to ‘wear the goddamn swim shorts’. It is so important to have a male social media presence advocating for men’s body positivity, as often we associate the term with women, making Jake very much worth a follow.

Kelly Augestine: @kellyaugestine

A fashion stylist with over 15 years experience, Kelly has dedicated much of her career focussing on bodies which don’t just align with ‘sample sizing’, and believes “we all deserve to look good and feel good”. Kelly’s account is filled with incredible fashion looks, for various occasions, and is the perfect space to see how clothes can be styled on more realistic bodies – not just the picture perfect models we are so used to seeing by now.

Angus: @stubbosfits

With nearly 400,000 Instagram followers, Angus is a body positive influencer, who has a special interest in vintage fashion, and creates content ‘for everyone, and us bigger people’. Angus posts regular videos of him thrifting vintage clothes and giving fashion inspiration on how to style a wide range of vintage clothing. Angus encourages people to wear what they are comfortable in and to not be defined by size, something we probably all need reminding of every now and again.

Pearl Froud: @pearl_mariaf

Pearl posts a wide range of plus size fashion inspiration on her account, ranging from festival outfits to gym wear to casual beach day bikinis. Pearl reminds her followers to wear tight dresses and to feel confident in them, not to hide stretch marks, as well as providing useful links to various brands who create beautiful clothes that fit a wide range of sizes. As we enter the summer season, her account is definitely worth looking through for your summer wardrobe inspiration.

David Fadd: @david_fadd

David, a plus size fashion model, has an Instagram account which is overflowing with bold fashion looks, and is a great space for anyone looking for more quirky and extravagant outfit inspiration. He also has a story highlight titled ‘motivation’, dedicated to a wide range of uplifting quotes, to encourage and inspire his audience.

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