San Antonio Sunset
Ibiza beyond the nightlife, a family-oriented paradise of serenity
Written by Faz Ali
On 29 May 2024

Journalist Faisal Ali retells his journey in Ibiza.

Ibiza, known worldwide as a partying and raving haven, is often associated exclusively with this reputation and is particularly see through the lens of its vibrant nightlife and pulsating clubs, determining many travellers from avoiding this destination all together.

However, my recent journey to this picturesque island unveiled a side of Ibiza that transcends its wild reputation.

Delving beyond the booming beats and bustling beaches or dance floors, I discovered a serene and family-oriented destination that captivated me with its sun-kissed charm and traditional Spanish allure.

Sunset at Es Verda, Ibiza

The island provides extensive options in terms of accommodation choices, offering a myriad of accommodation options that embraces the island’s rich cultural heritage.

Since I decided to uncover the nature’s wonders throughout the island, I departed from the typical party-oriented hotel stay and reserved a secluded rustic villa.

From quaint, white-washed villas perched on hilltops to cosy seaside cottages overlooking the azure sea, Ibiza offered me an unlike retreat, filled with tranquillity and charm, allowing me to embrace the slower pace of life and experience solace in this traditional Spanish stay.

Each morning, I woke up to the aroma of freshly brewed coffee and the echoing sound of chirping birds, offering a welcome respite from the frenetic energy that had defined all my previous encounters with the island.

Once I managed to step foot on Ibiza’s sun-drenched shores, I became immediately enchanted by the island’s unparalleled natural landscapes.

Away from the neon lights and thumping bass, the destination revealed its untouched bays, sandy beaches and crystal-clear water that glistened in the Mediterranean sun.

The islands’ harsh terrain and rugged coastline beckoned me to explore its hidden coves and secret enclaves, where they seemed to stand still amidst the aggressive crashing of the waves.

San Antonio sunset, Ibiza

As the days unfolded from lazy afternoons wasted whilst gazing at the distant horizon into balmy evenings, I marvelled at Ibiza’s sunsets of burnt orange that painted the sky in a kaleidoscope of colours.

Finding a quiet spot to watch the sun dip below the horizon became a cherished ritual and a moment of quiet contemplation of nature, amidst the destination’s lively spirit.

Surrounded by kindred soul seeking that same serenity and tranquillity from the ordinary made me feel an unfamiliar sense of belonging that transcended all preconceptions of language and culture barriers.

Cale Saladeta, Ibiza

In Ibiza’s embrace, I found an unexpected sanctuary of sun-drenched days and starlit nights, giving me the opportunity to reconnect with my inner self and cherish the simple pleasures in life.

I remain forever grateful for having experienced this corner of heaven away from the maddening crowds and following my instinct of unveiling this destination of enduring allure, where families gather, sun-seekers bask and dreamers find solace in the gentle rhythm of the waves.

Whilst my previous journeys to Ibiza may have begun as an escape attempt from the chaos of my mundane reality, this time it ended as a discovery of a hidden gem, a treasure trove of natural wonders and timeless enchantment.

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