A travel guide to explore Dublin’s cultural riches
Written by Keator Cheng
On 23 May 2024

Dublin, the capital of the Republic of Ireland, is a city steeped in history and brimming with cultural treasures.

From its history to lively music scene, Dublin offers a plethora of experiences for culture enthusiasts. Here is a guide to help you explore the best of Dublin’s cultural offerings.

Literary Dublin

Photo by Naomi Hutchinson on Unsplash

Trinity College and the Book of Kells: A visit to Trinity College Dublin is a must for any literary aficionado. Founded in 1592, the college’s stunning campus houses the Old Library, home to the Book of Kells. This beautifully illuminated manuscript, created by monks around 800AD, is one of Ireland’s greatest cultural treasures.

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Dublin Writers Museum: Located in an 18th-century Georgian mansion, the Dublin Writers Museum celebrates the city’s rich literary heritage. Exhibits cover the lives and works of Dublin’s most famous writers including James Joyce, Samuel Beckett, W.B. Yeats and Oscar Wilde.


James Joyce Centre: Dedicated to one of Ireland’s most renowned writers, the James Joyce Centre offers exhibitions and tours exploring Joyce’s life and works. It is a great place to deepen your understanding of his novels, particularly Ulysses, which famously maps out a day in the life of Dublin.

Historical and architectural highlights

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Dublin Castle: Originally built in the early 13th century on the site of a Viking settlement, Dublin Castle has played a pivotal role in Ireland’s history. Today, it serves as a government complex and a major tourist attraction.

Highlights include the State Apartments, the Chapel Royal and the Chester Beatty Library, which houses an impressive collection of manuscripts, prints, and rare books.

Christ Church Cathedral: One of Dublin’s most iconic buildings, Christ Church Cathedral dates back to the early 11th century. Its stunning architecture and rich history make it a must-visit. The crypt houses a museum and the mummified remains of a cat and rat found in the organ pipes.

Photo by KaLisa Veer on Unsplash

St. Patrick’s Cathedral: Built in honour of Ireland’s patron saint, St. Patrick’s Cathedral is the largest church in Ireland. The current structure dates back to the 12th century. It features beautiful stained glass windows, a magnificent organ and a memorial to Jonathan Swift, author of ‘Gulliver’s Travels’ and former dean of the cathedral.

Museums and galleries

National Museum of Ireland: With multiple branches in Dublin, the National Museum of Ireland offers a deep dive into the nation’s archaeological, cultural and natural history. Highlights include the Archaeology branch on Kildare Street, home to the famous Ardagh Chalice and the Tara Brooch.


National Gallery of Ireland: Located in the heart of Dublin, the National Gallery houses an extensive collection of European and Irish art. Notable works include pieces by Caravaggio, Vermeer and Jack B. Yeats. The gallery’s modern wing also features contemporary Irish artists.


EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum: This interactive museum tells the story of Irish emigration and the global impact of the Irish diaspora. Engaging exhibits explore the reasons behind emigration and celebrate the contributions of Irish emigrants worldwide.

Traditional Irish music and dance

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Temple Bar District: Known for its lively atmosphere, Temple Bar is Dublin’s cultural quarter. The area is filled with pubs offering live traditional Irish music sessions, making it an ideal spot to experience the city’s musical heritage. Venues like The Temple Bar Pub, The Auld Dubliner and Oliver St. John Gogarty’s are popular choices.

@The Cobblestone

The Cobblestone: Located in the Smithfield area, The Cobblestone is a pub renowned for its dedication to traditional Irish music. It hosts nightly music sessions featuring some of Dublin’s best traditional musicians.

Irish Dance Shows: Experience the thrill of Irish dance at venues like the Gaiety Theatre which hosts performances of “Riverdance” during the summer. The show’s energetic dance routines and captivating music provide a memorable cultural experience.

Dublin’s festivals

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St. Patrick’s Festival: Dublin’s St. Patrick’s Festival, held annually around March 17th, is a vibrant celebration of Irish culture. The festival features a grand parade, traditional music, dance performances and various cultural events throughout the city.

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Dublin Theatre Festival: Taking place in late September and early October, the Dublin Theatre Festival is a major event in the city’s cultural calendar. It showcases a diverse range of performances from both Irish and international theatre companies.


Bloomsday: Celebrated on June 16th, Bloomsday commemorates the day depicted in James Joyce’s Ulysses. Fans of Joyce dress in Edwardian costume and participate in readings, performances and re-enactments of scenes from the novel at various locations around Dublin.

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