The Blue City
Morocco, explore the Blue City in Chefchouen
Written by Faz Ali
On 21 May 2024

When travelling to Morocco, I did not expect anything short of a truly captivating journey and indeed, the adventure has delivered a whirlwind of colours, eccentric scents and breathtaking landscapes.

I decided to focus my explorative needs on one of the most mesmerising destinations available within the North African site and visited the renowned Chefchaouen, known internationally as the Blue City. 

Situated strategically under the protective umbrella of the Rif Mountains, this exquisite gem represents a true feast for one’s senses.

As I wandered through the winding cobbled streets of Chefchaouen, I was unapologetically greeted by a sea of blue- washed buildings.

This overwhelming site of colour inundated my senses with an unfamiliar state of calm and serenity. 

The Blue City from the Kaspah Fortress

During my arrival at this beautiful location, the Adhan was overflowing the main plaza through the inventively positioned speakers and l unknowingly decided to pause, to seek comfort in the call to prayer and absorb the stillness of the air surrounding me.

As I emerged towards the markets and its stalls of well-arranged textiles, colour coordinated rugs and carefully- pilled spices, an explosion of olfactive overload blurred my perception of reality. 

Witnessing such a showcase of rich cultural Moroccan heritage readily available whilst taking a casual stroll coupled with the sights and sounds of this town truly constitutes a photographers’ dream, with every corner offering a new perspective to capture even for an amateur like me.

Whilst scouting the Blue City, I have embraced the realisation that the allure of this locality goes beyond its aesthetics. 

Chefchaouen, The Blue City

The culinary scene of the town appealed extensively to my taste buds and each dish or savoury product I tried was nothing short of a memorable experience and a delightful exploration of flavours and traditions.

From savouring the aromatic tagines to indulging in the sweet delights of Moroccan pastries, every meal was a sensorial experience that left me craving for more. For those looking to escape the bustling streets, the opportunity of seeking adventure within the countryside surrounding Chefchouen is an easily accessible option. 

The area offers a plethora of trekking routes that unapologetically unveil the dramatic beauty of the Rif Mountains.

Here, the rugged terrain, lush valleys and cascading waterfalls contribute to the creation of a quirky backdrop – nothing short of an awe- inspiring sight. Whether you are an experienced hiker or a casual stroller like me, the trekking options available within the valleys cater to all levels of outdoor enthusiasts.

As I depart from this Northern African site, I conclude that a trip to Morocco, particularly to the Blue City, exceeds the expected and becomes an experience that transcends mere sightseeing. 

The Blue City’s walls

It is a journey that immerses you into a world of vibrant colours, tantalising flavours and awe inspiring landscapes.

After witnessing its raw facets, I internally conclude that the beauty of this place lies not only in its physical attributes but also in the tranquillity and serenity it offered me whilst allowing me to escape my mundane dilemmas and prompted me to find solace in the simplicity of its existence.

Undoubtedly, Morocco is a treasure trove waiting to be explored and treasured.

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